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A Cooler Shade of Mad

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A Cooler Shade of Mad
© 2019 Free 2B Free Publishing

Verse 1
You’re mad all the time & your face is a scarlet red
U can’t get what cause your mind’s been pronounced dead
U say ‘hey there mister!
This is how I feel
Hey there sister!
And what I feel is real
As your car heads off the cliff
Cause U let go of the steering wheel,

Come on Come on,
Only Love can truly change us
Come on Come on
Transform & raise us
Come on Come on
Only Love can really move us
And help us lose us till we’re ONE…

Verse 2
So many mad not getting anywhere with their vibe
But who wants 2 open up their door & let all that anger inside?
U say ‘hey there sister!
U must drink what I drink
Hey there mister!
U must think what I think
If U can’t live & be what U preach
No one’ll buy your ride,


Verse 3
May I introduce 2 U a cooler shade of mad?
It’s the best insanity that you’ve ever had,
I say ‘hey there mister!
What have U 2 lose?
Hey there sister!
It’s time for something new
Are U gonna trade your happiness
For those dismal blues?


A cooler shade of mad
…May I introduce?
A cooler shade of mad
…May I introduce?
A cooler shade of mad
…May I introduce?