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  1. Jupiter In Velvet


Jupiter In Velvet
©2012 Free 2b Free Publishing

Circus stars & fairytales
Aching hearts coldly impaled
I can’t help but give to you
Though you just swallow & never chew
This can’t go on no more
My love can’t be ignored…

You say hello goodbye
Driving me right out of my mind
I give it all then die
As you walk away with my life
If times can change
Then so can I
I’m gonna turn the tables
On you & I
My gravity will get you yet
Here it comes…
…Jupiter In Velvet

Callous looks & empty words
Greet the gifts I give unheard
You strip me of my dignity
As I pick up the check of your duplicity
I’m so tired of all your jive
I feel so crucified…


Oh, Yea, Oh, Yea
Oh, Yea, Oh, Yea
This is the last time babe
You will ever diss my face
In regaining dignity
I’m blowing up what you knew as me
Oh, Yea
Oh I’m feeling so strong
Oh, Yea
Oh it’s been so long…

Jupiter In Velvet
Jupiter In Velvet