Love Is On My Side
©2012 Free 2b Free Publishing

I’m from a different world so far away
Still I feel you happiness, I feel your pain
You’re drawn to love like gravity
Within my arms my love is your destiny
My passion will enflame your mind
My love has come to claim your side…

All the stars are just guitars screaming the love behind the scars
I’m a renaissance & in a glance I foresee the future of our romance
I am the victor, I’m the one you need
I am the victor, it’s time you come to me
Shut up & kiss me, you can’t resist me, seize the moment or you’ll miss me
The planets have finally aligned
For you I come with love on my side
Love is on my…

Side by side we will stand
Against the odds they’ll understand
We’ve got to free what’s deep inside
Or we’ll fade away & slowly die
I’ll lift you to your honored place
Reveal the beauty of your face…

Love is on my side

We are taught
A very narrow walk
And if you balk
You will hear their voices
Saying things
Must be a certain way
Or you’ll have to pay
We control the choices…

Love is on my side
Love is on my side
Love is on my side…