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  1. Beautiful Game
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Beautiful Game
©2012 Free 2b Free Publishing

Promiscuous smile & misfit brain
It’s hard to see the stars from behind those shades
Pull another tab from the beer that bears your name,
You ride the wind that blows your mind
And where it leads is a dead dog’s eye
As the radio plays another marching song…

It’s time to stand up
Don’t you hear your name?
It’s time to stand up
And make your play…
…In this beautiful game

Ride the serpent & don’t let go
Or you’ll get sidetracked by the freak sideshows
And what a shame to come so far & miss the main show…


You want to fly so high
But the emptiness won’t let go
You want to fly so high
But there’s just too much you do not know…

Peal the layers jump in the mirror
Pierce the surface of life’s veneer
Then hold onto your heart cause it’s ready, set , go…

In this beautiful game
In this beautiful game…